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I am a complete beginner, is it still OK to train in your class?2017-12-19T03:54:45-07:00

Yes, you are more than welcome to join, we are used to working with beginners. As we are in a beach location we do have beginners in most of our groups that stay at the hotel and just want to try the classes during their holiday. We understand that the first session can be a little daunting but we have a great team here and they will help you understand the basics and explain how the training works.

What level of fitness is required to train at your camp?2017-12-19T03:54:59-07:00

Our classes cater for all levels of fitness and the running is entirely optional. If you wanted to work on your fitness before you train with us it would be good to focus on running and skipping perhaps with some strength training such as push ups and sit ups.

Do I need to rent a motorbike to get around?2017-12-19T03:55:11-07:00

Bangtao and Surin are within walking distance of the gym and have plenty of bars, shops, and restaurants. If you want to venture further afield then you may want to rent a motorbike. Please note that you will need an international driving permit as well as your own countries driving license.

If you feel nervous about using a motorbike then we also have bicycles here for rent.

Do you offer long term discount?2017-12-19T03:55:22-07:00

Yes, we offer discounted 3-month rates, if you would like to stay 6 months or more please let us know and we will put a package together.

Can I get training certificate at the end of the course?2017-12-19T03:55:34-07:00

Yes, please let us know if you would like one on your arrival and we can make the arrangement.

What equipment do I need for the training?2017-12-19T03:55:48-07:00

The essential items are hand wraps and boxing gloves as well as comfortable sports clothes. We train barefoot but if you intend to run before training, then you will need running shoes too. You can purchase any equipment or clothing from our onsite shop and we offer rental gloves and shin guards at 50B per session.

Can I fight during my stay?2017-12-19T03:56:10-07:00

We have had a number of guests that have fought during their time with us and we are able to arrange and help prepare you for a fight but we do have a criteria to be able to fight locally. If you are interested in fighting then please just speak with one of the team and you will be assessed by the gym manager.

Do you have a Muay Thai shop there at the camp?2017-12-19T03:56:27-07:00

Yes we have a well stocked shop here at the camp with everything you could need. We stock Twins, Top King and Fairtex branded items as well as Sutai branded items.

Are there things to do near the camp?2017-12-19T03:56:57-07:00

We are in a great spot between Bangtao and Surin beach so you can make the most of it relaxing on the beach and enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, diving, and paddle boarding.

There are also a number of local markets that the team goes to each week. We are a very social camp and often eat at the ‘Moo Kata’ (Thai BBQ hot pot) together well as Sunday brunches!

We are able to help you book excursions such as visiting an elephant sanctuary, the Big Buddha or trips to Koh Phi Phi Just speak with Bia in the office and she will help you

How much money do I need when I get here?2017-12-19T03:57:13-07:00

It depends on what you would like to do; food and drink is relatively cheap here if you eat local Thai food and you can also sign up for a meal plan at Sutai Kitchen, our healthy eating restaurant here at the camp so you can budget, as well as eating clean.

Trips to the stadium are 1300B, Thai massage is 300B and day trips would be 1500-3000B depending on what you want to do.

Do I need a VISA to visit Thailand?2017-12-19T03:57:39-07:00

Yes, you will need to get a 30-day Tourist Visa on arrival. It is good to check if your country is one of those who are eligible for this visa, if not you may need to make arrangements before you arrive. If you need to extend your visa to 90 day one this can be done at the local tourist office in Patong. Here is the link to the Thailand Immigration website so you can check on the specifics for your country of passport: Thailand Immigration

What if I get ill whilst I am in Thailand?2017-12-19T03:57:50-07:00

We would recommend you take travel insurance before you arrive. Most common ailments can be treated at the local pharmacies which are everywhere and if you need to see a doctor there are 2 good clinics that are within 10 minutes of the camp. We also have a hospital within 20 minutes of the camp too.

Here are few tips on staying healthy and infection free:

•Always shower within 30 minutes of finishing training

•Wash all training clothes after training and make sure to properly dry them

•Always disinfect then cover any scratches or open wounds/sores

•Don’t scratch mosquito bites – apply a lotion

•If you have any wounds/redness – make sure to watch them and if needed apply an antibiotic cream

•Pharmacies in the area are very aware of infections, so don’t hesitate to ask them

Due to the humidity in Thailand open wounds, scratches and cuts will often take longer to heal. Moisture in the air prevents cuts/wounds from drying out and healing over. This simply means apply the right creams or anti bacterial lotions and then cover the area with tape or strapping.

It’s very important that anyone student with staff, ring worm or any other contagious infection refrain from training or being at the gym until they heal 100%