Private Classes

Private Muay Thai lessons in Sutai, IL strengthen your skills and help you hone specific techniques that you learned in class. Private lessons are a great way to gain an edge over the competition and advance your abilities on a faster timeline than your peers. Your journey in Muay Thai is unique and the training shows different results for everyone, which is why it’s best to follow a personalized approach when learning the art of Muay Thai . At Sutai , we not only offer comprehensive classes for all ages and skill levels, but also encourage our students to take part in a private training course to lock in what they have learned in class and further improve on their skills.

Private training gives you time to overcome problem areas with your instructor and reach critical breakthroughs where you might have had challenges before. Your instructor will provide personalized training based on your skill level so you can perfect your techniques and even advance beyond the rest of the class. Receiving one-on-one time is essential to succeed in your Muay Thai training.

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Private Group Classes

Private group classes are also available upon request, whether you would like to book a family class or a class with your friends, it’s a great way to get fit and learn a new skill while having fun!