So the day has arrived, Darraek has been preparing for today for the last few weeks and of course, through his whole fight career. Tune in to see Darraek Sutai Preparing for the MX Muay Xtreme 60kg Tournament Final this Friday (23.02.18- starting 8:45pm ICT). After winning the last two fights, 1st by decision and 2nd via KO, next the final! See him in preparation and also an interview with the man himself. Share your support for our fighter.

Darraek has a huge fan club that has now arrived in Bangkok, including his family and friends from the the southern province, Trang. I am sure he will not fail to entertain as he always wow’s the crowd, with his talent and skills. 

We wish him the best of luck and will this be MX champion belt number 3 heading back to the Sutai?