Who We Are

Our Mission

The Sutai gym was created by former Muay Thai champions that have the same passion to succeed. We have true understanding of the dedication that is required to achieve your goals; whether it’s to master a new skill, commit to losing weight or to become a world champion.

Our strength is that alongside our training programmes for active and aspiring competition fighters, we have adapted the Muay Thai training regime to fit the needs of those who are seeking a fun and social fitness programme. Just let us understand your goals and we can tailor a package to suit you.

We Live To Help Train You

In Thai the word ‘Sutai’ means ‘to die before giving up the battle’; this is the core foundation of Sutai Muay Thai.  We believe that to become a truly great fighter you not only need strength and technique but you need to have the heart to go all the way.

This can also be applied in all aspects of life. Whether it’s achieving your weight loss goals, becoming fitter and stronger or even just having the courage to step out and try something new. We can offer a platform for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to explore Muay Thai.

If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender and rise up against the odds, your victory is right around the corner.

Sutai Muay Thai