Where to start is the question?? The past 3 weeks have been extremely rewarding for the Sutai Muay Thai team and we are very proud of the fighters and their well deserved victories. 

These events all started with our Thai fighter, battling for the MX Muay Xtemre 60kg title in Bangkok, this was a tournament that found Daraeak storming his way to the final, winning the first fight by points, impressing the crowd with his skills and the second he took the win via knockout.

This brought us to the 23rd Feb, the final! Daraeak was facing an equally talented opponent but he was more determined than ever to bring back the MX belt to Sutai. He had a huge entourage of fans that traveled many hours to cheer him to victory. He dominated round one and then round two went in with his killer hook that ended the fight with a TKO win! He went there for the belt and he did exactly that!

We now have a third belt to add to our MX champions collect after Craig Dickson our sponsored fighter won not once but twice last year and was crowned champion at both 63 and 65kg. What an amazing achievement for our fighters! These tournaments are tough, not only competing against some of the top fighters in Thailand but also wearing MMA gloves, it makes the fight that much more intense, but we believe if you have the talent, determination and heart you will go all the way. Congratulations Daraeak!


Next was our female sponsored fighter from Denmark, Lea Kirstine. Lea trained with us the year before in preparation of the championships back in Denmark and we really admired her for her talent, hard work in training and her passion for Muay Thai. So we were very happy to offer her sponsorship when she said she would like to return. She arrived recovering from injuries and had to slowly ease back into training, but step by step we saw the fighter in her return. She had just over a month to prepare for the Danish Championships 2018 which she had won 3 years previously, so the pressure was on to ensure she is still the best. It wasn’t an easy road but with a great team and support network she was back in the game. She had a fight in the local stadium in Patong taking the win by decision after an exciting 5 round and then it was time to head home for the Championships.
Lea fought and was once again crowned Danish Champion!! We are looking forward to more great fights from her now she is back at Sutai! Next fight is in Ranong on the 28th, March. Congratulations Lea!


We then jump to March 4th and this was a very last minute fight for our female trainer and fighter Buakaew (fight name Daowsitrang). This was her second fight in four days, as she just arrived back from Koh Samui (where she fought and won) to receive a phone call asking if she could fight, against Fanny Sasiprapa the following day. Buakaew usually struggles to find opponents so is always happy to fight when ever she gets an opportunity, so of course she agreed.
Fanny Sasiprapa is also a well know fighter around she has competes amongst the best and often with victory, so this was not an easy fighter to take on last minute. However Buakaew, as always, entered the ring calm and confident and fought using technique and amazing timing; landing great shots, which won her the Bangla stadium Title!! Congratulations Buakaew!

Over in France next we had Julia Valente one of our students that came to join us in preparation for the French championships. She came along to try out a class one afternoon unsure about where would be the best training for her and she was so happy with the training she decided to train with us. She especially loved training with Buakaew (our female trainer) and the other females we had in camp. Female students and fighters are very important to us as and you don’t usually find many females in gyms which can make training more difficult at times, but she had many great sparring and clinching partners to help prepare her for these important fights ahead. We were very happy with her victory wining all 3 fights, showing all her hard work had paid off and it was so nice to hear the gratitude for the Sutai Team. Congratulations Julia!

And now to the last event to round of the past 3 weeks.

This was a very exciting fight with two very talented female fighters competing for the WMC (World Muay Thai Council) World Title; who was going to be the next World Champion?

Kaonoknah has been training with us off and on over the past few years, as she is currently studying at University so sometimes her fighting career is put on hold. However, she has been back training with us the past few months and winning her last 3 fights. She has been fighting since she was a young girl, with her father as her manager and massive support from her family she is on a great road for success. She fights with grace and technique and many opponents find it hard to escape her long powerful knees.

So it was 14th March and she was facing a tough opponent, Calista Kohyaomuaythai. Its was a huge battle! Calista throwing some very hard shots but Kaonoknah fought with determination to become the next world champion and kept going taking the win by decision after 5 thrilling rounds. Now we have a new World Champion in the team!! Congratulations to Kaonoknah!

Well done to all the fighters for your hard work, dedication and talent; you each deserve your achievements and also to the Sutai Team (trainers, fighters, students). Together we can achieve greatness and create champions. You never fight alone, its the support behind every fighter that helps create champions. We look forward to many more victories at Sutai!!