Kru Mau (Maurico Calvo) | Sutai Muay Thai Phuket

Kru Mau (Maurico Calvo)

Sutai Manager and Trainer


Age – 31 yrs
Home town – San Jose – Costa Rica
Secret weapon whilst fighting – Elbows


  • Started Martial Arts at 5yrs.
  • 5yrs old taekwondo
  • 10yrs old Karate
  • 13yrs old Kickboxing and Western Boxing
  • 17yrs old Muay Thai

Fight history

  • 57 MT fights
  • Professional Muay Thai fighter from 2009 to 2014 in Thailand.
  • Fought in countries, Costa Rica, Panama, USA, Malaysia, Thailand and the main event in Famous Rajadamnueng stadium in Bangkok in 2014
  • Held Seminars in USA Pentagon, Paraguay
  • Trainer at Phromtep MT, Sumalee Boxing Gym and Ignite MT– Phuket and MMA Pentagon – USA and Sutai MT- Costa Rica.
  • Trained – UFC fighters, professional Western Boxers and Muay Thai world champions.


  • Muay Thai Costa Rican Champion
  • WKA Champion 58kg – World Kickboxing Association Champion – 2014
  • Silver medalist at the IFK USA Championships- 2008 – 60kg

Skills that he brings to the gym – very talented at training all levels and abilities, from new beginners to world champions and knows how to push people to bring out there best., also a boxing coach and an amazing corner man.
Hobbies – Surfing, watching Muay thai and UFC and taking care of his dog Rita
Favorite food – Pizza
If you were a super hero, which would you be? Flash

Founder and manger of the program Pura Vida Fighting for Kids