Training Program | Sutai Muay Thai Phuket

We run 2 group training sessions every day at 7:30am and 4:00pm (excluding Sundays) and these are suitable for all abilities, even complete beginners. We tailor each class depending on the students abilities and levels.

We expect our students to have all of these items in order to train.

• Shorts that you can kick easily, preferably Muay Thai shorts
• Boxing Gloves
• Handwraps
• Bottle of water

Fighters are expected to provide there own mouth guard and Shin pads
All of these items can be purchased in the Sutai Shop.

An Overview of our Training Program

This is a basic outline of our program as we like to adapt our program depending on our student and skills. If you have particular skills you wish to develop more then please let us know we would like to make sure you get the most out of your training sessions.

Morning Training (6:30am to 9:30am)

  • Warm Up Run (8km – 12km)
  • Skipping (2 sets x 3 mins)
  • Stretching
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Bag Work (3- 5 rounds – 4 min rounds)
  • Pad Work (3-5 rounds)
  • Technique of boxing and Muay Thai
  • Sparing – 3 days- boxing / 3days – Muay Thai (technique sparring for beginners)
  • Walking Knees / Kicks / Push-kicks / Punches and knees on the bag
  • Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Burpees
  • Pull-Ups
  • Free Weights

Afternoon Training (3:30 – 6:00)

  • Warm Up Run (4- 5km)
  • Stretching
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Bag Work (3-5 rounds)
  • Pad Work (3- 5 rounds 4 min rounds)
  • Technical Sparring (3 times per week)
  • Ring 1 Professional Clinching / Ring 2 Beginner technical clinching (Everyday)
  • Individual Technical Drills – Walking Knees and Repetitive Kicks / Push-kicks / Punches and knees to the bag.
  • Sprints 2-3 times per week
  • Free Weights
  • Pull-Ups and Sit ups

* We expect our fighters to train the entire program morning and afternoon, 6 days per week and Sundays for running.

Those that are not training to compete are able to train at there own pace.

Private Tuition

If you prefer to get 1 to 1 tuition them we can arrange for a private session with one of the trainers. These last 1 hour and will give you a real insight into Muay Thai, we can work out a program to help you achieve your specific goals, whether that’s to lose weight, gain overall strength or to get ‘fight ready’ Its best to book in advance to make sure we can arrange for a trainer to be available.

Recommended for complete beginners that would like a more intensive class to pick up the basic techniques quickly.

Private Group Classes

Private group classes are also available upon request, whether you would like to book a family class or a class with your friends, it’s a great way to get fit and learn a new skill while having fun!

Sutai Kids Muay Thai

We see Muay Thai as a discipline and really believe in passing the core values on to our children. Our Saturday morning class is designed to give the children the basic foundation Muay Thai techniques but in a fun and safe environment. We use yoga techniques for warm up and cool down, then cardio, bags and pads to improve the strength and ability.
Our program is split into 3 age groups.
• Mini Warriors age 3-4yrs
• Junior Troopers 5-7yrs
• Skilled Soldiers – 8-12yrs

Each group will focus on skills such as:
• Participation
• Stretching
• Listening
• Strength
• Balance
• Co-ordination

For the children to get the most out of
their training sessions we ask parents to
either drop off their child or relax in our
new restaurant. You will have a chance to
watch the children showcase their new
skills on the last session of the course.

• Minis Warriors (40mins) – 2,500B
• Juniors Troopers (1hr) – 2,800B
• Skilled Soldiers (1hr) – 2,800B

Each child will need a Sutai Kids starter package which includes.

  • Sutai Kids T-shirt
  • Sutai Kids Muay Thai shorts
  • Boxing gloves

This costs 1500B and can be purchased in the gym shop.

Our Programs run in 7-8 week blocks and there is limited spaces available so please contact us for more details on the next course available.