Rates | Sutai Muay Thai Phuket

Only Training

One Class 400 B
One Day 2 x daily 600 B
One Week 1 x daily 2,000 B
2 x daily 3,000 B
Two Weeks 1 x daily 4,000 B
2 x daily 6,000 B
One Month (28 Days) 1 x daily 6,000 B
2 x daily

9,000 B

Training & Accommodation Packages

Hostel Room (shared bathrooms)

Are you planning a trip on a tight budget? or wish you could stay for longer at a more affordable rate? Then these rooms are perfect for you. The hostel style room has everything you need and just steps away from the training area and a 5 minute walk to the beach, it’s the perfect combination! (electric, wifi and weekly cleaning included). Please note charges are per person.

One Day 1,000 B
One Week 6,000 B
Two Weeks 11,000 B
One Month (28 Days) 15,000 B

Basic Room (shared bathrooms)

No better way to keep focused and motivated than staying in our onsite rooms. Our accommodation package includes the twice a day training (morning and afternoon). Our single rooms are fitted with queen size beds perfect for couples sharing (electric, tv, wifi and weekly cleaning included). Please note charges are per person.

Twin Shared Room Double Room
One Day 1,200 B 1,400 B
One Week 7,200 B 8,400 B
Two Weeks 13,200 B 15,400 B
One Month (28 Days) 18,000 B 21,000 B

Ensuite Rooms

If you would like a little more space and the privacy of your own bathroom but still want to stay on camp then our new en suite rooms are a great option. They can be configured for a twin or Kingsize room depending on your requirements. Check out our accommodation page for pictures and details. Please note charges are per person.

Twin Shared Room Kingsize Room
One Day 1,600 B 2,000 B
One Week  9,600B 12,000 B
Two Weeks 17,600B 12,000 B
One Month (28 Days) 24,000 B 30,000 B

For an extra person staying in a Kingsize room please allow a 800B per day for stays of up to 2 weeks. This charge includes the training.

Pool and Gym

If you want to use the pool and gym at  Double Tree hotel you can add this to your package.

Single Couple
Day Pass 500 B
Monthly Pass 2,000 B 3,000 B
3 Month Pass 4,500 B 6,750 B
6 Month Pass 7,000 B 10,500 B
Annual Pass 10,000 B 15,000 B


Airport Transfer: 950B
Motorbikes: 250 B daily, 5,000 B monthly