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Moa Persson’s 1st professional female Muay Thai fight.

Moa Persson, an amateur female Muay Thai fighter has recently stayed with us and we managed to arrange for her to take part in her 1st professional fight. Her opponent was an experienced Thai representing Cherngtalay Muay Thai and a considerable match. Moa trained hard for this and you can see this throughout the fight, she showed exceptional stamina and took the win in the 5th round. For the full fight check out this link:


Considering choosing Sutai Muay Thai for your training holiday?

We’re really pleased that you are considering choosing training with us at Sutai. We have people staying here to train from all around the world, all of different ages, abilities and what makes it so interesting for us is that everyone seems to want something different from their time at the camp. Whether its to take their first step into Muay Thai, lose weight or to fight with the best in Thailand. Either way, we can help.

But don’t take our word for it… here’s an insight from Vernon, one of our guests who stayed wth us  recently. he wasn’t what most people would imagine as your typical person to take a Muay Thai training holiday, at 63 most people would be surprised to hear he would travel half way around the world to meet us but we are proud to say that he chose us and we are so glad that we made his experience an enjoyable one!!



“My experience at Suati Muay Thai was amazing from the moment I arrived till the time my journey had ended.  My initial selection was based on reviews I had read and by word of mouth. My personal trainer, Paul Marfort, of Florida Muay Thai knew both Mauricio Calvo and Amy Sharp (Sutai Muay Thai). He absolutely recommended them more than other gyms in Phukett or surrounding area. My goal was to train to be healthier mentally and physically as well as to build a broader foundation of Muay Thai.   I write this to convey my 3 reservations that I had before “jumping” into my trip:  Traveling abroad by myself, NOT speaking the native language and the fear I was going to feel embarrassed/inferior to the other students.   These three fears were totally unfounded! Thanks to the staff at Sutai Mauy Thai!

When I arrived I was greeted/picked up at the airport by a staff member.  Once I arrived to the facility I was energetically greeted by all that were present, both fighters and trainers. The welcoming in itself was reassuring that this was the right fit for me; a close comradery atmosphere feeling.

During my stay there on site the housing accommodations provided everything needed to train and relax (King bed, Television, air-conditioning, small refrigerator, coffee or tea pot, and bathroom and shower-all very clean).

The training at Sutai Muay Thai was very organized and intense for all levels of experience: beginners, intermediate and those that are advanced fighters.  There was no pressure, no criticism and no judgement- all levels would benefit from the daily training. All of the trainers were very patient, kind and knowledgeable. They were willing to teach you the correct techniques no matter how long it took to learn :-).  ALL ages were participating! They are masters of knowing how much you can perform and they will push you in order for you to gain experience, stamina and self-esteem in Muay Thai. Following the training sessions they would often sit and chat with us explaining what we did wrong, or praise what we did right and how to take it to higher level. I was overwhelmed with gratification of how they took my abilities to another level from when I arrived. I am proud to say I worked extremely hard to gain benefits from training AND to say that I am 63 years OLD!

Another concern was the food/diet I would be exposed to BUT again, no worries. I frequent several restaurants close to the Sutai and settled for one in particular which five minutes from Sutai. The one thing I was impressed with the most while dining in Thailand was that all your food is fresh. Whether its fruits or vegetables they are always fresh, nothing frozen and recooked. I chose Audy’s restaurant which I frequent almost daily. Again, the food was very good and very affordably priced. The customer service was outstanding and after my time spent there we interacted in a close and friendly, family atmosphere. Also, within walking distance are many other restaurants, convenience stores, banks, Pharmacy etc. Etc. Prepare to allocate for purchasing bottled water during your trip and training. Should you forget to bring your water for training it is  available to purchase.

During my month long stay at Sutai Muay Thai I met many new friends from many countries of the world who came to Sutai Muay Thai to train. They all embraced not only me but others as we arrived. Among them were many fighters who possessed a wealth of knowledge that I was able to ask them questions about fighting. They would cordially give their experiences. Although many languages were spoken we had very little challenges in communicating with each other. Someone always was a link for interpretation :-).

In closing, I suggest that if you’re looking towards training Muay Thai and experiencing Thailand that you select Sutai Muay Thai. I confidently believe you will not be disappointed and furthermore, leave with incredible training and a comradery of friends for a life time.”

If anyone wish to email me with any questions in reference to my experience feel free to at T2Bold   Again “Thank You Sutai Muay Thai”

Vern Taylor


The Pura Vida ‘Fighting for Kids’ Project at Sutai

The Pura Vida Fighting for Kids project began in February 2016 and was founded by Mauricio Calvo. Mauricio is a former fighter and gym owner from Costa Rica and currently the Manager at Sutai Muay Thai. The project was one of the main reasons why Mauricio  packed up his gym in Costa Rica and decided to make the move to Thailand with his wife Marcela Soto. Since arriving in Thailand i n 2009 to follow his passion for Muay Thai, he fellin love with Thailand; the culture and the sport.  Hwas touched by how the Thai children would live and train in poor conditions, quite often with nobody to take care of some of them and he really admired their strength.He always wanted to find a way of giving something back to the Thai people and so he wanted to find a way to help support some of these children.  

Sutai kids group sit ups.

Since being at Sutai, he has was very excited to bring over his original trainer  Kru Bangman “A master in Thai boxing” who also had a gym in his home town, Trang, in Southern Thailand. His students were mainly Thai boys aged 10-14 yrs old. Some of the boys have been training and fighting for a number of years already, with 50fights under their belts. Some are focussed by dreams of becoming a future champion, while some of them fightsimply to help support their family. 

So the Pura Vida ‘Fighting for Kids  was born, since joining Sutai the boys settled in quickly, training hard everyday but always with the biggest smiles on their faces. You never hear them moan or ask for anything. It really is amazing to watch how these young boys help cook, wash their clothes, clean up around the gym and take care of each other. We have a family atmosphere at Sutai, working together in and out of training to help support one another. Our sponsored fighter Craig Dickson, has kindly been teaching the children English in the evenings. With the help of some friends from Costa Rica, who are supporters of this project, we already enrolled them into the local Thai school. We really want to support these children in the best way, giving them the best start in life possible.